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Supporting Milnthorpe Area Foodbank

It is a sad fact that foodbanks are not a new phenomenon in our country, and they are under greater pressure now to expand their service.

Many people, even in full time work can struggle to make ends meet:

A self-employed or zero-hours contract worker who is injured or ill, may have no sick pay or savings to fall back on.

Someone who relies on their car or van to work, may be unable to afford repairs, or the higher fuel prices. And in our rural area, travelling to find work can be expensive and public transport unreliable.

A family who were just about coping 12 months ago, may have been pushed over the edge into need by inflation.

For those facing unemployment or on low incomes the Universal Credit system offers some support, but even with full eligibility and all the forms filled in correctly first time, there can be a gap of up to 5 weeks before any money comes through.
There are several foodbanks in the region, from Morecambe Bay to Kendal, and people in Arnside already generously support them.

We decided to take a collection at our monthly meeting to donate to the Milnthorpe Area Foodbank, because this adds to the help that Arnside gives and supports local women and families.

Milnthorpe Area Foodbank provides short term emergency food parcels to people in crisis in the villages and surrounding areas of Milnthorpe, Arnside, Storth, Heversham, Beetham, Crooklands, Holme and Burton.

It is run by volunteers and all donations of food or money are ploughed straight back into the foodbank. They are supported by individuals, and groups such as churches, schools and ourselves in the WI.

The foodbank does not accept direct requests for help: they work in partnership with organisations who may know of someone who is struggling and can refer them for support.

When the foodbank receives a referral, they create food parcels which they then deliver to the person or family, usually for up to three weeks, but exceptionally for longer if needed.

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